Hazel Orick Gibson, MBA, CPPB | Procurement Analyst & Advisor
Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  ~  Margaret Mead ~

 Change begins with one person taking a small, purposeful step that touches the life of another.   Hopefully, you choose to take that small step in your life and even your career; making decisions that positively impact the world around you and others.  Happy 2021 ETPA Family!!

 2021 ETPA Vendor Tradeshow

 The 2021 Tradeshow has not been put on the schedule this year, although we hope to be able to do so very soon.  Your Executive Board meets on January 28 to discuss our options and information will be forthcoming.  As your president, I will be honest; there are currently no Committee Chairpersons. 

If anyone is interested in stepping into these roles, I ask you to reach out to Brent Morelock (ETPA’s Nominating Committee Chair)  at [email protected], copying me at [email protected].  This is not a role taken on by just one or two individuals.  Once a Chair and Co-chair is identified, I will appoint a Steering Committee to support those individuals.  The Tradeshow is vital piece of ETPA’s funding; largely supporting our scholarship fund and Fall Conference, which we hope to hold in-person this year.   

Opportunities to Serve

ETPA needs you!  If you are interested in opportunities to expand your knowledge of ETPA while building a sense of community, what better way than to serve as a volunteer?!  We aren’t asking for a lifetime commitment, not even a full year commitment.  Let’s face it, we all have family responsibilities and full-time careers!   

We are looking for people with heart that love their chapter, but may only have a limited amount of time to commit.  We are looking for Episodic Volunteers!  Episodic volunteers are those who can commit to assist with a specific event or meeting with just a few hours of their time by simply securing a speaker for a meeting or in other meaningful ways.  ETPA also has committees in need of Co-chairs; sure, it requires a bit more time, but these experiences are so very rewarding!  So if this piques your interest, see our newsletter for a list of open committee positions.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is a new committee developed to secure ETPA’s sustainability well into the future.  The committee will be responsible for planning specific fundraising events and activities and researching non-profit grant opportunities.  The goal is for the committee to consist of 3 – 4 members and serve a term of 2 years.  If you are interested in research (as in grant opportunities) or planning exciting events, this committee is for you!