Spring 2014 Legislative Update

The TAPP Legislative Committee has worked to convince our State Legislative body to consider two proposed bills.  One bill (SB 1714 / HB 1670) reinstitutes the language regarding “Electronic Bidding” that was inadvertently removed during the 2013 legislative session.  The key points from the second proposed bill (SB 1713 / HB 1671), regarding construction bid envelopes, are as follows: 

  1. Contractor’s license information, for both prime and sub-contractors, will continue to be required on the outside of the bid envelope.
  2. Penalties for opening construction bid envelopes without proper licensing information (as provided in § 62-6-120(b)), will only be applied if the procuring entity actually awards a contract to a contractor that did not have the required information on the bid envelope.
  3. Agencies will now have 48 hours to review the bid envelope for completeness of the required information, and any mistakes found may be corrected within 48 hours after the bid opening, excluding weekends and state recognized holidays.

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