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Question about leasing property for solar installations

Has your entity leased city or county owned property for the installation of solar panels by a private company? If so, do you have a sample RFP for this? Thanks! Visit our new website at to see what's happening in Roane County & to read the latest County Executive's newsletter!

Lynn Farnham, CPPO, CPPB

Roane County Purchasing Agent

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ETPA Forum Question - Replacement of Traffic Poles


What does your city do when a traffic pole is taken out due to a car accident and is damaged beyond repair?  Obviously when that happens you don't want that intersection to be without traffic signals for too long.  So does your city have poles onsite and then use city employees to install those poles?  Or do you have a hired contractor that stores and provides the pole and installs it for you?  

Or does your city purchase and store the poles and then have a contractor install the pole after a situation like this?  And if this is your option, how can you be sure the contractor is paying the sales and use tax on that pole?


Camille Thomas
Purchasing Supervisor
City of Clarksville
Purchasing Department

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Best Practices in Developing Public Construction Bid Documents
June 07, 2019

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2019 ETPA Business Matching and Tradeshow Event
July 18, 2019

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