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Vendor Contact Restrictions During Pending Solicitation

The City of Chattanooga would like to survey other municipality restrictions around vendor communication, during the period in which a solicitation is pending (Bid/RFP/RFQ, etc). Please include any experience regarding your past ability to enforce the restriction, as well. Further, are your restrictions listed in a solicitation, your operating procedures, City/County Code, etc? In other words, what does your office communicate to vendors/the public, Department customers and/or other branches of government about permissible vendor communication, during a solicitation period? (In the interest of protecting the objectivity of a evaluation process from potential outside influence). Thank you in advance, and please let me know if you'd like a result summary. Bonnie Woodward,

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Social Media

The City of Knoxville is interested in knowing if and how others are using Social Media, and would appreciate your response to the following questions. • Is your agency using any form of social media to publish your procurement solicitations? • If so, which platforms are you using and how long have you been using them? • Are you using social media to advertise the sale of delinquent tax properties? • Has the use of social media helped your agency increase competition on solicitations or interest in your delinquent tax properties? • What other ways is your procurement department using social media? If you’re interested in seeing the results of my quick survey let me know. Thank you, Pamela Cotham

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Potential Legislation regarding Cell Towers

All, Boyce Evans, Purchasing Agent for the City of Knoxville was recently notified of proposed legislation which may be filed in the upcoming TN legislative session regarding small cell towers in right of way (ROW) areas. Specifically, the proposed legislation, generally referred to as “wireless siting legislation,” filed by the wireless communication industry who want to use municipal ROW’s and public assets for their small cell tower deployments. Many cities throughout the country have opposed the proposed legislation because it does the following: • Caps the pricing we can charge wireless communication companies. • Allows for “bulk permitting” • Removes control over aesthetics • Allows the carriers to install their own support structures without City/County approval • Allows no exemption for historic or special zoning districts I thought I'd bring this to your attention. Pamela Cotham City of Knoxville TAPP Legislative Committee Co-Chair

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