Evaluation Committee Members - Identification

We are attempting to reasonably balance evaluation committee member privacy and procurement integrity vs. open records. What is your procedural approach to safeguarding the identity of your evaluation committee members (RFP/RFQ), to the extent that you are able? Does your entity consider this information confidential, through a certain point in the process? Do you explain this standard in any procedural document? Thank you!

Bonnie Woodward
City of Chattanooga

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  1. Terry McKee

    Jun. 8, 2018

    We have not been asked to reveal the names until the award decision is announced and I would not anyway. It part of the evaluation until then and the entire evaluation is confidential until a decision is made. Even when I post the award results, I edit the Excel sheet and remove names and use "Evaluator 1", "Evaluator 2" and so on. Once I was asked to reveal the names after the award decision was made and I did so-Open Records and all . . .


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