Protests - Application to Contract Renewal

Does your agency apply a protest procedure to your contract renewals? Only questioning the recognition of the procedure itself, to the context of a renewal period. For instance, would your office recognize Vendor A protesting the renewal (aka new contract period) of a contract with Vendor B? Our procedures currently only explain it in the context of a fresh solicitation process (the initial contract period).

Bonnie Woodward
City of Chattanooga

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  1. Terry McKee

    Aug. 16, 2018

    You raise an interesting thought in that can someone protest a renewal? I have never known an entity to have a protest procedure for renewals because they are at the discretion of the entity and it is not a new bid. The only possible grounds (and I am not sure it is actually possible to protest) is that it is not a good business decision. That seems more like a complaint to management than a protest. The only other protest possibility (loosely defined) that I can think of is another vendor protesting if the renewal was allowed to include new services or some convoluted change in the scope. But again I am not sure that this is protestable. It may be an audit finding . . . .


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