Innovative Purchasing Processes

Hello. I'm looking for innovative methods/ideas used for automating purchasing processes beginning with an employee's request for a PO/Requisition number. Currently, we have a PO/Requsition number book to which employees request their PO number and the purchaser must be on hand to write down the request. We want to digitize this process and we're thinking of automating this with Sharepoint's Check in/out feature to allow admin assists to grab the numbers they need for their department from an excel sheet. Purchaser still has the oversight of making sure requisitions are turned in within a timely manner. Would anyone like to share the processes they're using?

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  1. Terry McKee

    Jan. 23, 2019

    We have been fully automated for 10 years so we use that process. Assuming that you are not automated, your process to obtain a quick purchase order sounds reasonable. I would suggest that you look into placing blanket purchase orders for the fiscal year to avoid some of these.


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