Potential Legislation regarding Cell Towers

All, Boyce Evans, Purchasing Agent for the City of Knoxville was recently notified of proposed legislation which may be filed in the upcoming TN legislative session regarding small cell towers in right of way (ROW) areas. Specifically, the proposed legislation, generally referred to as “wireless siting legislation,” filed by the wireless communication industry who want to use municipal ROW’s and public assets for their small cell tower deployments. Many cities throughout the country have opposed the proposed legislation because it does the following: • Caps the pricing we can charge wireless communication companies. • Allows for “bulk permitting” • Removes control over aesthetics • Allows the carriers to install their own support structures without City/County approval • Allows no exemption for historic or special zoning districts I thought I'd bring this to your attention. Pamela Cotham City of Knoxville TAPP Legislative Committee Co-Chair

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